Thursday, September 9, 2010

Busy, FUN....but are you??

This summer has flown by, where did it go?? it is the first(ish) week of September and I am already pulling out the cardigans....which is kind of sad....but I do love my Cardi's. They are have such a cosy feeling....I would wear them well into summer if I didn't look so ridiculous and I kinda got tired of explaining to people that yes....I really was 80 degree weather. Yes I am odd that way :)

Kids are all back to school (YEAH!!) and so far no calls from the school...hey, I know it is only two days in...but it has happened in the past...ohhhh I have stories to pass on about

Hubby and I have decided (crazily) that we are bored...and that we need a project...a kinda of bonding sort of thing...not going to go into details...well because I hate to jinx things :))) But I will let you all know more about it if and when it happens, but sewing and crafting may get pushed on the way side for about a year or one one hand it will be good....on another...not so much....

but crossing fingers and well wishes would be appreciated :))

I did manage to get in a nice big order of my Knotty Dress's so I have been plugging away at that :) I love mixing the fabrics, they really do not go or fit together all that well, but in my eye they do...and well...heck isn't that what counts...hehehe...

Here are a couple of things that I put up in the store today

I have a few of these at a custom sz

Halloween BOO

and I have a few Christmas Dress's up as well...

Snowy Day Dress

T'was a Night Before Christmas Dress

Quite a few others in the shop as well...I have had quite a bit of the dolls go out as well recently....some are shopping for Christmas it seems...much much better than I am being....eeeks....only a few more months.... when I know about our "NEW" hobby.....I'll let ya'all know...better yet...I may even let hubby tell you....

But I won't jinx it...I really believe in :)))

oh, and check out the swagbucks linky thing at the side there...its addicting ;)