Monday, September 29, 2008

Time to create...

Well I have been busy today...crazy yelling busy :) I was fine till I realized I really needed to clean. Tomorrow we have an Agents Caravan coming through the being in a home with 3 boys, 3 dogs, and 3 tends to get a little even after vaccuuming 3 times today (oh yes it is all about 3's for me) it still looks like a mud zone. But I am trying to be positive and hope that no one else notices my pig

One of Gavyn's favorite things to do is bake...well, actually it is to bring home cook books from the school library so I can bake :) He of course has a list of things that I *MUST* of those things (in the midst of all my cleaning) that I made was these amazing fudge squares....and really they taste nothing like your typical fudge...and is oh so yummy I went back for more :)...twice....

***Easy Turtle Fudge***

1 package (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips (2 cups)
2 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped
(note: I used dark chocolate, and used 4 ounces)
1 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1/4 tsp salt
30 caramel candies, unwrapped :)
1 tbsp water
40 pecans

1. Grease 11x7 inch pan; set aside.

2. melt chips in medium heavy saucepan over very low heat, stirring constantly. Remove
from heat. Stir is bittersweet chocolate until melted. Stir in condensed milk and salt until smooth

3. Spread in prepared pan; cover with foil. Refrigerate until firm (about 2hrs)

4. Cut fudge into squares. Transfer to baking sheet lined with wax paper.

5. Place caramels and water in small heavy saucepan. Heat over low heat until melted, stirring frequently. Drizzle or top fudge pieces with caramel mixture. Top each pc with one pecan half.

6. Store in air tight container in freezer. Bring to room temperature before serving...

Makes 40 (well 20 in our case as I did not have the right sized pan, but they were thicker)

I'll insert a pic when I get it uploaded....but bye bye diet....yet again :)


My lovely group of ebay girls also have a launch today. In ebayland a lot of childrens designers are in "groups" basically we spin ideas off each other, collaborate, whine, and Gab :) Heather Bailey is a fabulous and amazing fabric designer and since our group is named POP!kids we thought it was kinda symbolic to do a launch around Mrs. Bailey's POP Garden new fabric line....this is my fav set that took me a little bit to get around in my head (okay, really not that much because her fabrics are such inspiration)

We each have made something either with or inspired by Heather's fabrics....if you have a moment (selfish plug) please check out our auctions...!kids&_in_kw=1&_ex_kw=&_sacat=See-All-Categories&_okw=boutique+POP!kids&_oexkw=&_udlo=&_udhi=&_sabdlo=&_sabdhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_ftrt=901&_ftrv=1&_sadis=200&_fpos=&LH_SALE_CURRENCY=0

I have yet to figure out how to link a please be patient with me...I am going to so if I can construct a pillow using the remenants of the last pc's of POP Garden....just to see what I come up with....

Friday, September 26, 2008

It isn't Pretty...nope not at all

This has been a pretty busy week for me. Getting customs done, the kids put together, physically going to work, trying to keep the house clean (that btw is not working). It was my sister's 23rd birthday on Wednesday...the kids are still alive and I have not lost any dogs yet (dang) when it came to last night, I really wanted to veg in front of the tube with the kids and watch the premiere of Survivor:Gabon ...and selfishly after that Grey's....while that show was on I got a long distance phone call...ran up to see who it was on the call display...and saw it was my mother...had a slight "grrrrr" moment...she always calls late at night and usually during a show I am wanting to watch. I know pretty much no time is a good time to call, because I basically hate the phone...I do not even own a cell....because I hate it that much. I looked at the phone ringing and thought..."I'll call her tomorrow sometime" which pretty much means...I will forget and she will call again. WHich.....yup I did today. Completely forgot that she called.....until about an hour ago....when I was fiddling on this computer and I get a facebook message from my sister...

"Did you hear from Mom??" "She tried calling me and left me a message, apparently she had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital"

I rushed from this computer so fast....ran to the phone and listened to that message...

"Hi Jenn, it's your Mom....I just wanted to tell you, that I am okay...but I had a mild heart attack, but I think I am okay now...just wanted to let you know, love you"

Shit Shit Shit Shit.....sorry....but I do not swear usually...but I am so so so angry at myself for being selfish about my TV really....TV!!!!! I tried calling her back but there is no need to panic if she is calling people I think. But I am still worried....

My Mom works 3 jobs....she barely sleeps, is a chain smoker, and like to drink the occasional she is pretty much prime candidate for a heart attack....not to mention the stress that she has in her life. I guess I am angry right now at her as well. Take better care of yourself have 6 kids hanging around here and there....not to mention the grandkids that need to see you.

We have to many more stories to laugh about, and visit's to catch up have a book to write, and a career that you have always wanted just starting....

please please be okay....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lovely Little Cookies

Okay let's face...I bribe my children. I do, but it is all to benefit them in the end. Like on all Monday's I bake....I do not know how I got into that habit, but I usually try to do that at least twice a week (which explains why I am getting rounder)....last night I made about 9 dzn chocolate chip and coconut cookies...yummm...hhehheee....I try to substitute the baked goods for afternoon snacks when they get home off the bus. Most kids like 2 cookies....but mine munchkins for some reason AlWAYS try for 3....why not...they try....sometimes it is a yes (depending on how many I have...and sometimes it is a no). This morning Gavyn really did not want to get on the is a French week at school, and he is completely against the French language. He complained his stomache hurt, his ear was aching...even that he damaged his big toe...I was not falling for it. But I did not want to make a big scene at the bus stop. So the deal was for all my boys, that if they had a good snack....they could have *5* cookies....there eyes nearly popped outta there heads.... I told Gavyn that he had to actually try on his Spelling test today, and not give up and write nothing. I wanted to see words written on that page. They didn't have to be right, I just wanted to see words. Plus the new indoor shoes must be worn (he hates new shoes and I do not blame him) today.

So I go about my day knowing that at the very least I got them on the bus...somedays are easier than others and I get that...and somedays they need a little cookie incentive. I managed to clean up the backyrd and the actually looks useable now, and I may want to spend some time there :) I know the dogs are enjoying the new space...heck there are new smells uncovered....they must cleaned the stairway, prepping it to be painted tonight while little ones are sleeping.

They all run in from school with the dogs barking their arrival....and all I hear is "I GET 5 COOKIES!!! I HAD A GREAT DAY!!!!!".....Gavyn comes running down with his test with a huge grin on his face....he hands me the test. I looked down at his work and just smiled....

"Gavyn, this is excellent work, just awesome, high five" I am big on high fives :)

"But, Mom, I didn't get anything right, your not mad at me?? Can I still have the 5 cookies???"

I can see completely where his mind is focused....:)

"Did you have a good day?"

"Yup, I tried my hardest on the test, and I wrote every word, I just couldn't get them"

"Then that is all I can ask for, that you tried..."

Gavyn goes running back upstairs to the kitchen to grab his cookies....sometimes I am happy that it is just cookies that can make his day and turn it completely around. Cause I know as he gets older it is only going to be harder with him....

"MOM......can I have 10 instead??? I was really really good today!!!!"


Sunday, September 21, 2008

getting *caught* up

Is like running around like a chicken with her head cut off....seriously.....I mean who ever actually ever gets caught up in life? There are so many things to do, it is completely constant. I would like to think I am at this moment, which is why I have been sitting here at my computer for the last 2 hrs (I mean where does the time go) I have to applaud my children...cause they are just amazing. They are pretty self sufficient at most things and leave me to my craziness in my studio....I am hoping that the new place we move to has my studio on the main floor so then I am with them more, instead of in my dungeon.

I was taking pictures yesterday of the house, to put up on MLS....doing a room by room sweep, trying to make it as neat as stray socks showing...that sorta thing...when I walked in to Dear Son #2's room....this is what I

There is of course another pic of him trying to get down as quick as possible....but not before he flashed his tried and true "peace" sign...

Trying to get the house in order has been interesting...I have had to paint all my lovely lime walls a toned down soft "lello" and while it was not intentionally something that I was going to like, it is growing on me for sure...I like the soft colour, and it is a lot brighter. I ended up painting my hall, the dining room, and part of th kitchen that way....and even though everything is basically neutral now (GAG) I have been able to add some *Jenn* into the house still....I used some of Tula Pinks new birds fabric as my curtains in the dining room, and added a cute tablecloth in the kitchen...I also found this amazing butterfly mobile on Etsy that still gives me my whimsy....that I all in all, if we are stuck here for the next year because the house does not sell I will be...okay....with it....

I hope....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Life in the not so Fast Lane

Well it has been one whole month without coffee....woo far kicking my only bad habit (leaving clothes on the floor is not a bad habit, I like it that thhhhupt!) has not been that hard at all. Well, only because the coffeemaker broke the day after I decided I was going to quit....gotta love karma...but I have not been tempted at all for a cup of good ole Joe since I left Simcoe....actually since leaving my mini vacation I have turned a lot of things around. I have started exercising more, eating a ton better....trying to keep the dust bunnies in check....I even signed up to get my drivers (knowledge) test done....what next sky diving??...ummm no....but it is a good step all around for me....

I am considering all my new "life" changes to being a part of nesting...or pre-nesting before we move. Trying to possibly get my life in check before I start on my new adventure to New Jersey....or either that I am bored :) I dyed my hair red, so that is definately an "I am bored" moment...but more with myself, than with what is going on in my life...

I am anxiously awaiting some new fabric to come in, as I have some curtain projects to finish....and a table runner I would like to create...I am in LOVE with the new fabrics by Heather Bailey (POP Garden) and Tulia Pink (Nest) and you will be seeing both in my home and in some of my new creations...More *Scrappy Dress*s will be on there way for sure....Halloween has also been churning in my studio....A little late for most of the masses, but I know there are a few stragglers that procrastinate like me :)

Planning on baking a bit today for the boys...well maybe a bit far this week it has been a chocolate chip cookie and banana bread week (without the nuts thank you very much, Gavyn would have a fit...besides we have enough nutz in this house) I hope the try a recipe from Paint in My Hair that I hope will appeal to my boys, and use up the last of the fruit in my fridge that is just about to go on me....though it would be so much better with ice cream.....grrrrr I am off ice cream...damn....

Maybe skydiving would be better....