Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lovely Little Cookies

Okay let's face...I bribe my children. I do, but it is all to benefit them in the end. Like on all Monday's I bake....I do not know how I got into that habit, but I usually try to do that at least twice a week (which explains why I am getting rounder)....last night I made about 9 dzn chocolate chip and coconut cookies...yummm...hhehheee....I try to substitute the baked goods for afternoon snacks when they get home off the bus. Most kids like 2 cookies....but mine munchkins for some reason AlWAYS try for 3....why not...they try....sometimes it is a yes (depending on how many I have...and sometimes it is a no). This morning Gavyn really did not want to get on the bus...it is a French week at school, and he is completely against the French language. He complained his stomache hurt, his ear was aching...even that he damaged his big toe...I was not falling for it. But I did not want to make a big scene at the bus stop. So the deal was for all my boys, that if they had a good day....today....for snack....they could have *5* cookies....there eyes nearly popped outta there heads.... I told Gavyn that he had to actually try on his Spelling test today, and not give up and write nothing. I wanted to see words written on that page. They didn't have to be right, I just wanted to see words. Plus the new indoor shoes must be worn (he hates new shoes and I do not blame him) today.

So I go about my day knowing that at the very least I got them on the bus...somedays are easier than others and I get that...and somedays they need a little cookie incentive. I managed to clean up the backyrd and the porch...it actually looks useable now, and I may want to spend some time there :) I know the dogs are enjoying the new space...heck there are new smells uncovered....they must investigate....lol...I cleaned the stairway, prepping it to be painted tonight while little ones are sleeping.

They all run in from school with the dogs barking their arrival....and all I hear is "I GET 5 COOKIES!!! I HAD A GREAT DAY!!!!!".....Gavyn comes running down with his test with a huge grin on his face....he hands me the test. I looked down at his work and just smiled....

"Gavyn, this is excellent work, just awesome, high five" I am big on high fives :)

"But, Mom, I didn't get anything right, your not mad at me?? Can I still have the 5 cookies???"

I can see completely where his mind is focused....:)

"Did you have a good day?"

"Yup, I tried my hardest on the test, and I wrote every word, I just couldn't get them"

"Then that is all I can ask for, that you tried..."

Gavyn goes running back upstairs to the kitchen to grab his cookies....sometimes I am happy that it is just cookies that can make his day and turn it completely around. Cause I know as he gets older it is only going to be harder with him....

"MOM......can I have 10 instead??? I was really really good today!!!!"



Amy said...

Oh how sweet! Makes me want to bake for my kids.

Little*Precious Boutique said...

NEVER underestimate the POWER of a cookie! ;)