Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Stocking Stuffer thought??....

So I have been busy, can you tell?? lol...I have not been around much, though it is the kind of busi-ness that I really can not explain, but it has something to do with mountains of laundry and the never ending dish pile...not very glamorous at all.

I have been doing some crafty shopping...I have picked up my knitting needles again, and hope to knit a few things for holiday gifts. Every year I try to do this....some times I succeed....but quite often it is a complete failure...though I do tend to blame the blond barky bark a lot for this. Two years in a row he has eaten straight threw a scarf that was incomplete. Kinda through me off my game of wanting to start all over again. This year I am going to have to find a higher hiding place I maybe just a really cute basket to put the yarn in :)

This year I am attempting ebay again for listing some of my craftyiness, as much as I love etsy, I know that I get a lot of views from that former venue. Last year I made a bunch of wonky log cabin quilt squares that could be used as pot holders, this year I am doing *Scrappy Dolls*

Which are really fun, and I have a small army amassed at the moment of them all staring at me (kinda but I really love these and think that they would make perfect stocking stuffers/holiday gifts. I custom make each one with unique hair/eye colour can make them to match your little girl? or something completely whimsical.

I hope to add a few aprons to the mix this year again, stick some BIN's...I loved the ones I did last year

that I made with Heather Bailey's POP Garden fabric and her apron pattern as well....great for gifty giving all around :)

Only how many more days left???...ugh....almost to scary to think about....

well onward and upward....

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