Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things that just won't go away....and I am okay with that :)

So the family and I have been in the good ole "US of A" for about 6 months now...and I never realized some of the Quebec habits that I had (no no not the swearing)......(or the bad driving). But I have noticed some things that I am having a hard time changing as I am now here in of them being the two cheek I realize that in most of the world the one cheek hello (or goodbye) kiss is pretty acceptable....but in most French areas (Quebec, France) I think it is pretty common for the 2 cheeker. As I meet and greet people that I have started to get to know there is often confusion and head bobbing and I am working around it I think. I have started to warn people ahead of time that I am still in the Montreal frame of mind and we are two cheek kissers. Most have gotten used to it, some still look at me strange....I am okay with that :)

Another thing that just won't leave is saying "Merci" and "Bonne Journee"'s almost a basic reflex now in my vocabulary (and I will be honest here, it is about my only passable French knowledge after living in Montreal for more than half my life...I know bad me) since I know where to properly use it at all really was bad manners if you did not say either of them when you were out in public at least over a dzn times. So again, something that may take me awhile to unlearn....but heck it is who I am....and I am okay with that :)

I also still walk everwhere....and while this town is not HUGE by any sorts....I think that Ile Bizard may have been still I think seems odd for some of my neighbours to see me walking (and intentionally) to the Post Office, or the Doctors Office. I am only about a mile and a half out from the main street....nothing to die over, but one (VERY nice) neighbour is always asking if I need a lift and if I am okay....very sweet....but I desperately need the exercise and I will happily walk it...and I am okay with that :)

tried a new recipe this week that my lovely MIL passed onto me over the holidays, just some cinnamon rolls...which is a first for me...because I am usually just buying them from Pillsbury. But thought that they really could not be that hard to do....and while they weren't hard to make at all.....and they looked just fine

I really either must have over done it with the salt or the baking soda, because to me they seemed a little saltish. Not sure if I missed the measurements....or maybe the recipe is not superb....but I will try it again this weekend to see if it was me....or them...

If first you do not succeed.....blah blah blah......hehehe.....and I am okay with that!


Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

Don't try to get rid the merci and the bonne journey. When I lived in NYC I tried (but never succeeded) to get rid of my ya'll. Never worked. :) Thanks for your nice note this afternoon!

Kim said...

you have to be who you are! :) lovely post

Gaia said...

oh! I'd love to try your cinnamon roll recipe!
can you give it to me?

Brenda said...

Well since I have moved to Ontario I have had the same experience as you. I thought because I was english speaking how hard would it be to move to Ontario.....what a wake up call.