Monday, July 26, 2010

I know...I suck :(

Not that I have been meaning to ignore you and all that, but my computer broke, and with that all my camera software went with, so I feel kinda blah about posting my fabulousnesses (like that word...I do)...and not having anything to show for it...

Hubby and I went on our 15th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month, we went to the Southern Carribbean and had an amazing time....again....I would ummm...put up pictures....but I can't, so please take my word for it :)

I have another big order going out to Summer Studios in Avalon NJ....well it is big for me *Scrappy Dress's* and matching *Scrappy Dolls*...and a lovely old college friend (okay she is not old at all...we have just known each for forever) sent me a picture of her daughter wearing one of the *Scrappy Dress's* that I can share with you because she sent it via FB :)

Isn't she a cutie :) Of course when my puter took a dive I lost a TON of old photos of designs I had down in the I was super excited to get this :) Thanks Alana

So that is all that has been happening in a nutshell...Kids are good, Gavyn has had Summer School this month to help with socialization and behaviour....and also to get him outside....which all and all will only help him in the long run....Autism sucks, but he certainly makes my life wonderfully full :)

Gave Lucy (the beagle) a well deserved bath today...she smelled like deathes she is lovely and sweet smelling, until she rolls into the next horrid thing.

Tomorrow I have 90yrds of fabric coming in....I hit an AMAZING sale at think it ends today (July 26th) so if there is any left (I did leave some behind, I am not that greedy....well maybe just a little bit) you should really check it out.

I now have to go and make some room for all that coming in :)))


Stefan DesRosiers said...

What is your excuse now that you have your computer back?

Jenn~ said...

I have lots of orders :))))