Monday, July 21, 2008

Lots of Yelling

I will never claim to be a perfect mother...I would never dare to try...especially after days like these....lots and lots of yelling and trying to keep the peace. We are renovating a few rooms in the house before we try to put it up for sale...a fresh coat of paint here, a couple of repairs in the know all the stuff that you say you will get to later, and then BAM later is RIGHT NOW!!! It also means trying to clear some of are crap out...making the rooms look know all the stuff the home improvement shows tell us about buying and selling a home. So to make new room out of old room we are changing our cluttered computer corner and just making it an open space and having the boys puters in their rooms for now. But that means taking it all down...which means they do not have their computers...which means they are at each others throats...oh, and did I also mention there is only one TV now as well....I know, my poor deprived children :) But it is what they are used to, so now they are trying to find ways to occupy themselves which does not include torture. So I thought I was being smart by scheduling their TV/puter time (there is ONE left...don't ask how many are in the house, you would laugh I am sure)...well what happens when one gives up their time, and allots it to another....does that person that gave it up get there time back? does that one that got extra still get to play extra, or only from the time they is all very confusing, especially when I thought my rules were pretty did I know that one would give up their precious time. Soooo that is were the yelling comes in...lots of "He said" "NO HE SAID" stuff.....ahhhh I need ear plugs......or to send them to their rooms.....might not solve the problem....but it would definatly help my headache :)

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