Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quilts, Creations, and Moving

Well the craziness of my life continues....believe it or not the thrill of a quilt got me back here to my blog posting. Hopefully it will pick up, but with the boys yelling and asking for my attention in the background really makes me feel like the posting thing will fade into the distance again. I will try to keep this up though, possibly for sanity sake....

It does look like we are going to be moving soon, well that is if our house sells :) So the creating will start to slow down soon. I already have about 30 *Scrappy Dress*s made to get up and list...I might have a draw for one, I just haven't figured out to do it yet...but all and all that means that I am going to have to pack....and not only that I am going to HAVE to keep a clean boys, 3 dogs, 3 cats.....and a husband that will be gone out of town....a LOT....keeping a clean house will be nearly impossible....hey...maybe the house won't sell ;)

Here's a look at my *Scrappy Dress*s as I was going through my studio I realized I had a ton of scrap bins (don't we all have those, just some scraps are different than others) odds and ends of fabric...ruffles that I made to much of but didn't have the heart to throw out because I still pull all my ruffles by hand. So instead of chucking them....well I made these instead :)

Hopefully they will do well on the big E.....and I can support my vacation back home that is happening in a couple of weeks....I wanted to have one more trip home before I took off to the US....

I will let you all know how that crossing my fingers on the auctions... :)

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