Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long Lasting Forever Friends

It is 3:48am....and while this is not really unusual for me, as I pretty much have insomnia, I was actually asleep tonight. But I left the door open to my bedroom door, and leaving the door open is a bad thing, cause that means that the dogs have free roam without at 3 this morning, they go slightly nutz....and then I here the pathetic "MEOW"....."Meow"....oh yes....I have cats too. Now Said cats and said dogs do not get along....they have generally been separate since we got dog #2, about 2 years ago. Now the cats have free range of my DH's shop....and come out at night. "MY" cat Aura takes more of a gamble and tries to get out while being chased back in quite often, but man he tries...he is such a people cat, that I feel extremely guilty. But the sweet purring machine has been with me for just about 17 years now...and giving him up is not an option. He is now getting so small, and not as quick that it is dangerous for him to get out. Not that the dogs would do anything, they just like to chase and sniff...but still a little upsetting for the real "King" of the house. So I have made a bed for him on my sewing table in the back with a cat bed and everything, so he can at least be in a human's presence. He is just sitting there purring.....:) We have been through 10 moves together, boyfriends (well mine, not his), marriage, more cats, kids, tears, long night talks, more now dogs....17 years is a long time to be together....and he gets me...maybe even more than my DH....shhhhh......

So today is(was) one of my favorite days of all the was the day that I decorated the lovely Ms. Birks home...for her Christmas decorations. Now I think one of the very first blogs was about my love for decorating her home. It is just so amazingly eclectic. I mean, no one decorates like her and has a flair of the odd, and unsually fantastic. No, no kidding.....really....I want to be not me...I want to be her....cause it is just amazing....sigh....

and really...these pictures are just the supreme tip of the is just amazing to walk in her is a feast for the eyes....that mosiac 9ft high, and it is in her rocks....oh....her her dog, is named Sushi...not a coincidence at all....I named mine after hers :)

oh one last thing before I go (okay actually two...ooops) The girls from the POP!kids ebay groups and the Not So Plain Jaynes are having there annual "Nifty Gifty for Under Fifty" launch....lots of fun gifties to give under the tree...or to yourself...check it out here

okay....another thing that you must know about, sigh....

I am anti Christmas music....completely...hate it, and if I start hearing it before December...I gag....stagger out from whatever store I was in...refuse to step in until the song is have a blog that has "THAT" music on it...I hit the back button....I won't go back till December....promise (sorry Kandy)....commercials....yup, flip em...I just can not do it...can not not not. So this is a surprise to me right here, right now....I bought (yes me), I bought an X-mas album.....via Mr. Itunes.....thank you very much. I was skeptical of course, but I subscribe to one of my favorite musicians MySpace page Kate Havnevik, and she let us followers know that she has something new out...a la collaboration in this (UGH) Holiday Album....and well since I am pretty desperate for any of her music, I went to take a listen and low and is not bad at all....much of my favorite female artists KT Tunstall, Fionna Apple, Kate Perry (YA, I know, how odd), Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat...and Kate Havnevik....if you do not know her...find her!!!

Okay...I have blabbed enough....this year is definately a handmade I must get cracking....

oh and sorry Stef, I really had to buy that album....ya get into the "spirit" of things....ya ya...that's


Meekiyu said...

That's one awesome looking house! I really love the bird nest bed and the witch feet underneath the bed! Awesome cat you have... they make great companions =D

Jenn~ said...

actually the witches ruby slippers are coming out of an old radiator in the middle of the is very cool....I could move in and she would never notice...hehehehe.....

Tins and Treasures said...

My cats get me up in the night too...but they are such faithful friends.

Felicia said...

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Beth said...

OMG your quilts look good enough to eat Jenn!!