Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still recovering from the

This weekend was the 5th Annual (see I capitalized that) Diva for those of you that do not know what this is the ebay designers event of the year...truly is. We come from all over to taste some of the best food, meet the nicest people and get to know our Hostess with the Mostest :) Lisa has been holding this even for 5 years now and this was my actual first time getting to enjoy it hands on after watching from afar via pictures that get uploaded onto the ebay design boards....and let me tell you I am sitting there all day refreshing just to see what I have missed....glutton for punishment...maybe just a years theme was Hot Pink and you will probably be seeing a bit of that in the pics :)

But since we have moved to the US, it was much much easier to convince hubby to drive 1/2 an hour to the Diva's house, than trekking 7 hours via car from Montreal. I finally get to be involved in all the festivities....and I was not disappointed.

Getting to meet...well...basically my co-workers after all these years was just a gift. I have been designing and selling on ebay for 9 years now, and while I have met a handful of ladies, this is the first time I get to spend all this time with them in this kind of atmoshere....and WOW....hehehe...and you Gals did not disappoint at all.

Lisa had Ziggy the magician again for all the kiddies entertainment (there most have been what??? 50 kids about?? not to mention the ones that came down the block to watch as well) and not only did he enthrall the kiddies...the adults enjoyed him too. The bounce house came in a little later well as a kinda of swinging was awesome. But what kept my kids going basically all night was the trampoline....Kyle came off that thing just dripping sweat (mind you it was a perfect hot Summer day too)...and for Gavyn it was his first time ever getting on something like that. While it took a little bit to persuade him to at least try (he was afraid that he was to heavy and that he would break it...poor guy) the trampoline, once he got on, he never got off the whole night....something makes me think that I am going to have to try and convince the hubby that we need one of those :)

I of course went on every single ride, bounce house, and trampoline there....hehehe...I was going to get every experience out of this as possible....I was not going to miss a thing....WOOT!!!

She had a CANDY CART I have heard about the infamous Candy Cart for years....but nothing quite prepares you for it except for being there is person. The candy was everywhere...all over the cart, in buckets on the cart, under the cart, beside the name it...she had that kind of candy. Not only did the kids drop their jaws....I sort of did too. But what was really when Lisa said go...all the kids started attacking the cart and dumping it into their little chinese take-out boxes (cute idea)....scavengers I was literally picked bone dry....(though I am pretty sure that Lisa has a stash hidden somewhere)

Now I won't go into the fact that she also had a cotton candy machine (which my children overdosed on) and caramel apples that are to die for (I have one in my fridge right now...) or that her buffet of food was never ending and OMG delicious at everyturn (the mussels were TDF) but I have not had that much fun in a trillion years, and I completely wish that EVERY weekend was like this....

We had people come in from all over...Cali, NY, NJ, PA, IL, almost got one special lady in from TN (next year right??...please please please??) where else...oh ya was a day to remember.

and because I would like to keep this a nice family friendly blog...the night time was....ummmm....hehehe....interesting, entertaining, and well....unforgettable....hehehee....I love all those ladies, and I really cannot wait until next year (August 7th, 2010, mark your calenders)

Thank you so much Lisa Diva, Mr. Diva, Marielle and Joey for opening your home like that to complete crazy strangers....and even more for always inviting everyone back...

Got Mrs. Diva a little hostess gift of course....and well...if you know where my husband know what kind of purse she got :) I have a feeling Marielle will be borrowing this too :)

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Anonymous said...

It was so great to finally meet you Jenn!!! And I'm so excited you live close enough that we will be able to get together often!

I am still beaming over the beautiful bag! I can't thank you enough!!!

So glad you and your family had a blast!

With friendship,