Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love my neighbors.....they made me smile 3 miles wide this morning....The "Warren Street Happy Hour Birthday Crew" struck this morning. How cool is that :)) I had a row of birthday balloons this morning in my garden. I felt like a fairy princess walking through it...hehehe....

But I wasn't the only lucky one to get Birthday seems that we have 3 people on our street that has a birthday we all got Birthday Balloon goodness. How lucky our we!!! I say VERY VERY Lucky.....My good friend Abby has her birthday today and I brought her a birthday cupcake complete with pink jellybeans and a candle...not lit, but only because I did not think I could master walking down the street with it lit and not burning myself...ALSO it was little Jessica's birthday today as well....and I wanted to make her something I made her a patchwork skirt and matching Scrappy Doll. I love the girly colors :))

I also got a fabulous bouquet from my little loves and a cupcake I am going out for Sushi tonight with hubby....what a lovely nite to be had....

oh and little brother rocks!!! he got me my own domain name....even though I have always wanted to do it....I have always been a bit of a ditz about it is done, I can not wait to start fiddling with it....hopefully I will finally open a store on it...WOOT!!

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Brad said...

Yaaaay, balloons! I wants!

That's sooooo cool. Seriously, what fairy land did yah move to anyway??? You gots some awesome folks around.

Hippy Barfday! xD