Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double Happiness Day...

This is such a great weekend...we are usually doubly blessed on this weekend...because not only is it Daddies Day. But it also Tristen's 12th birthday...woot woot...While I might have wallowed in the fact that my amazing Father passed away 3 years ago. I won't, I will only think of what a fantastic man he was, and how I was so so blessed to have gotten to know him, and that my children did as well....but I definitely do miss him every single day.

Yesterday we had a family party for Tristen...lots of family chaos, in the best possible way. It was loud and crazy...dogs, kids, lots of bodies in a small house. Isn't that what family is I enjoy it, and I don't...I never get to be where I want to be, and even though I pretty much had everything laid out I was still in the kitchen most of the time....but at least I had my jug of Sangria :)

OH...that little munchkin in the bug costume is my cutie nephew Alex....I do not know where he dug that costume out from, but it happily went home with him that night...hehe

The Present that he won't take's kinda eerie with the funky voice box that distorts everything...and the eyes...well....Sushi just won't go near

Today is pretty much a laid back Daddy Day...whatava he wants to do....which pretty much is playing World of WarCraft....aka WOW...till about 2 in the morning, and I am okay with that :) It makes him happy and the boys can play with him as well online, so all is good with that. I baked a chocolate cake for dessert, but dinner will probably be leftovers from yesterday....

We are terrible at taking pics of ourselves, something that I am going to remedy with the move...he is the only recent pic of Stef with the boys, at Disney, in wrong is that??

Gotta go and frost that Cake now :)

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Tins and Treasures said...

Clever...just pass the bug costume on. I'm going to remember to send stuff home with our company home too...a great way to destash!! Happy first day of summer. ~Natalie