Friday, June 19, 2009

Need a last min Father's Day Craft???

Anyone Need a Crafty thing to do???

Okay I am showing this here because I am almost positive that hubby NEVER reads my I thought that this was such am easy and fun project...and if you have suddenly forgot you do not have anything for the man and you are not about to run out and buy him a plasma TV...then I think that this is a great craft to do for him....and well you and the kiddos to... Heck this is cheaper than buying the TV :)

Please click on the picture, it will give you a bigger picture

What you will need to start the project(or what I used, cause I think that this is adabtable, cut the project down a sz or two to make it not that scary)

24x20 inch canvas
Fabric Mod Podge
Tracing Paper (or heck, lined paper will do too)
Assorted fabric (if you do not have that, but you do have say old baby clothes, or stuff that is going to the garbage salvage a couple of pcs)
Paint Brush

What you will need to start do is trace your children's hands....just one of each will do. Keep the template of the hand. (I have 3 children to give you an idea of how many hands are on the canvas that I used)

Cut a GAZILLION of the hand's using your assorted fabric (I say gazillion, but I eye balled it and then added one or two more later). I folded the fabric in half, you get two of hands that way, a right and a left.

Lay your "hands" out across your canvas, to get a feel for how you will lay it out and if you may need more.

Then follow the directions on the Mod Podge in laying and pasting the hands. I glued the back first layed it on the canvas where I wanted it, and then I painted the tops of the hands with the Mod Podge. Don't worry, it will dry clear. Try to make sure you get all the edges firmly down.

Keep going until you get the desired effect that you would like....I did it in a mish mash collage style. But I can totally see it being done, say in a line right across with each kids hand in a same colourway, one under another...depending on how many childrens hands there are that could be really amazing...

Lastly, I added a border, I cut strips of a border fabric, I actually sewed the edges, but I am pretty sure you could iron and fold them under as well, and then I pasted it all down as well...I liked the effect that it gave, basically a finished look :)

Now I thought that it would be a great idea to get each kid to write a little something in the originally template hand and then I pasted it on the back so Daddy can have a little message from each...and if they can't write yet, maybe a crayoned up picture of the hand....

I hope you enjoyed my little project, I really had fun doing this....because hey, when it comes down to it, I am a control freak and I did most of it, but the kids picked out colours, and I was able to get one to help cut....the one that can actually cut a straight line that

You can even keep this completely simple (and probably less time) with taking a much smaller canvas and just doing one hand of each child and then bordering it with a nice co-ordinating fabric...great for his office...well at least that is what I think :)

I am pretty sure and hoping that Daddy likes this :) this is the first time I have given a "tutorial" of sorts, so if you have any questions give me a shout in the comments section. I will do my best to help :)

oh, this did not take to long to do....all and all....about 2 hours, with a little help. Though it is seeming like it will take a bit to it you do take this project on let your man know to handle with care till it dries....

or do this for next year with plenty of drying time left ahead of Fathers Day :)


Dawn said...

Cool idea, I'm stealing it. I'm going smaller though -- since I only have one little hand to work with! :) OH -- and bummer on the manicure. I hate when that happens.

Mandy said...

Oh, Jennnnnnnnn!
I LOVE this!

I am totally making one for my playroom!

Yours is PRECIOUS, he is going to LOVE IT!!