Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Graduate :)

Tristen graduated from Grade 6 last night....can I get a WOOT WOOT!! Thats my boy :) He was so so relieved that he did not fail....lol....hopefully a little of that stress will carry onto Grade 7. OMGosh I am way to scared for him to reach High School....look how he fits in that locker.....eeeeks.....

We had such a great evening last night....with the graduation, then DQ, and then a little night on the beach.....loved it all....heck they even posed for a few pics without killing eachother (okay well you have to see the deleted ones of course, but there was only a little bit of torture goin on)

Only one more baby to leave elementary school.....heck, how did this happen?? when did they all start growing up on me....and can they please stop taking me with them....grrrr

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