Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things starting to get a little crazy around here....but

in a good way :)

Finally it looks like things are starting to look up....I am trying to be a positive girl here. Corporate housing has found us a place to live next month....woot woot....we are going to be living in Jersey City (New Jersey of course) for the summer months. In that time we (I) are going to have to look for a permanate place to live in and around the Manhattan area, something that does not take Stef 4 hours of commuting, but has decent schools as well...oh and also accepts dogs. Which has been our #1 problem with finding a place. Mom is going to take the cats so I am not having to worry about putting them down (I was so not feeling good about that at all), and it just maybe a Summer without computers...GASP.....well at least for the boys that they just may have to that green stuff outdoors to occupy themselves with.

Me, I am not so sure about bringing/packing up and taking my sewing machine with some well one on one time with the boys seems like a good idea. I might just sew up a bunch of OOAK's and bring them with me and ship while I am down there, but actual sewing may take a bit of a back burner??? we will see....

But in the mean time, I have listed a few things on Etsy....some great Totally Tunics, and a new Scrappy Dress....

Hopefully on Monday I will have my listing up for the "GodSaveAQueen" launch. I mean, I have had the darned thing nearly finished since the beginning of May....and as usual I putter around till the end....argh....stupid stupid girl for not getting it finished ahead of time.

So that is about that...the boys are good, counting down the days till school/exams are over and we get our "Move On". Saying my goodbyes to friends and sharing some last fun times....I will be going up to see an old friend at the end of the month before I ship off....but it is not for good....I kinda feel that.....pretty sure that we will be back :)

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Northern NY Mom said...

Love your stuff!!!! BTW->I can suggest a great person (Realtor) to work with to find you a place if you like. email me! amanda_rondeau at hotmail dot com. I'd just post it here but then it seems so much like advertising. I would to want other leaving their unsolicited ads on my blog.